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Save The Nations was founded on the 18th of February, 2015 by medical student , Ajisegiri Mayowa Joseph. At the time of founding , Joseph describes it as one of his darkest hour.

“Prior to the founding month, I had just been attacked and left to die on the streets by bandits. It was the worse time ever in the Ukrainian economy with the Ukrainian Gryvnias reaching a low of 40 UAH= 1USD. Everything outside pointed to disaster and a moment to throw in the towel, but I knew I was on to something, on to a a mission to serve the world. I’ll call it – Destiny. I’ll say it’s in your greatest pains you find your greatest victories”
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The greatest thing in life is an idea whose time has come – Li Ka Shing (Asian Entrepreneur)

Our mission; giving hope and providing solutions will always be the centre of our works. How we may go about it may vary over time though, but it’ll always be our fulcrum.
Initially starting as a charity organization, we have been able to affect the lives of many people through our Charity Projects, but like every other great idea, you continue to get deeper as you work on it. We decided to take on other projects centered around our mission of giving hope and providing solutions among which is The Inspire Talk Show.


Our Vision is to reach 1 billion people through our products and services. We are a team of disruptors that never give up even when faced with rejections and setbacks. We blaze the trail. This is our core value
   We are built on a system that accepts challenging the norm and thinking outside of the box, because really, that’s what innovators do. We think big, accept the challenge and go for the goal. Our goal is to build a company with facets in several sectors, bringing innovative solutions. While we continue to build and pursue our vision, we want to continue thriving in love. We believe that the world is one big family which thrives with a universal language called ”Love”. Everyone is treated equally regardless of their race, gender, religion, culture or beliefs. Love indeed is the only way and this is what we stand for. Each and everyone of us is to save the nations.

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