Eight years ago, Artyom Kuprianenko found his utmost passion for drawing and design.

Starting out as an interior designer, he later diverged into a more unique field – Architectural Visualization, to help him achieve his goals and realize his dreams. He started his company Omega Renders at 25 and within a short while has been able to connect and work with clients around the world earning millions. He also teaches some of his skills online with his online school CG Incubator amassing over 500 people from around the world in a single session and his YouTube channel grossing 16000 subscribers and totaling over 1 million views.
Joseph caught up with Artyom and he reveals to us on Hope For Today his story, his motivations and some other aspects of his life such as his love for music. They both took a moment to improvise a song. You’ll be amazed at what they came up with.


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