The Inspire Talk Show Presents a new episode: Heroes Of Our Society

The word ‘’Heroes’’ is a word that holds great admiration and esteem to everyone. Every society has people who do incredible things through their services, profession or act of kindness. Sometimes, a hero could be a doctor who saves the life of a sick people or a fireman who saves people from burning buildings, or a soldier who defends his country or even more so, a random stranger whose act of kindness inspires us.

Sometimes, these Heroes are not recognized and their kind works and incredible acts are unheard of, that’s why we are making this episode to appreciate: ‘’ Heroes of Our Society’’. Over the last couple of months, we have heard of the stories of incredible people in Ukraine who have done incredible heroic acts and we’ll be having them as guests on the show where they’ll get to share their stories and what inspired them to do these great acts. They include:

  • Commander of Ukrainian army – Vitaliy Schevechenko who protected several Ukrainian cities, saved the lives of many squad members and later got shot and injured in the Donbass war

DSC07115 2 200x300 - Inspire Talk Show: Heroes Of Our Society


  • also Alexander a stranger who saved the lives of school children from drowning and


  • Maxim, a disabled boy who inspires other people and students from his university.

75A84032 200x300 - Inspire Talk Show: Heroes Of Our Society

Get ready, you’re about to hear the most incredible stories of kindness and services from our guests. This will be the best show you ever attended.

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