It all happened about when I was in my 2nd year in medical school during a lecture hall.  There are 2 major reasons why students don’t listen in the lecture hall. It’s either the subject being taught is not an important (medical related) subject, or the teacher that teaches isn’t so forceful enough to make the students listen.

Well, for this particular lecture, the subject is very important, but the teachers who give the lectures are not so forceful. Because, they are the quiet type of teachers, students abuse this and see their teaching times as a talking time. For me personally, I don’t really learn so much in lectures, but I don’t also disturb the lectures too. I use this time to read or just take some notes during the lecture. During the course of the lecture, I saw the teacher drinking a half-filled bottle of water. After several minutes, she finished this water and I felt in my spirit to go get her another bottle of water. I tried to resist this, but somehow this feeling would not go. So, I left my seat, went outside to the nearest shop and bought a cold bottle of water. I wanted to give it in a very secretive way to this teacher, but there was no way I could do it so I had to go and place the bottle of water in front of her during the lecture and hurriedly get to my seat. Immediately I dropped the bottle of cold water in front of her, she couldn’t hide her emotions. Her face literally lit up and the smile on her face was just a sight to behold. With a heart resonating in joy, she said; ‘ Oh, Thank You!!!’. I tried to walk away as soon as I could, saying it’s nothing. Anyone could tell that she was deeply moved by the act. For me, I just was just meeting out to a need of providing her with a bottle of water because she had earlier finished drinking her bottle of water.

Well, ever since that moment, this teacher hasn’t stopped talking about me. She’s told virtually every teacher I’ve come across in that department about me, including my own personal teacher. Just this week, I had a problem in this particular subject. The teachers were all willing to help me. They went against the rules of the department just to help me solve my problem in this subject. I couldn’t hold back my emotions, I thought to myself, it all happened because of ‘Just a bottle of water’.

An act of kindness is like a stone being thrown in the water. While the stone that was thrown in the water stays at a particular spot, it creates ripples that spreads through the waters and travel far to regions where the stone wouldn’t have gotten to.

Don’t stop doing good. Sometimes we think of being rich with a lot of money before we can do good, but the truth is being good is a personality you develop even when you have nothing. You may not have enough money to take someone for lunch, but you can at least buy them a bottle of water. You may not have enough money to buy them a bottle of water, but you can at least put a smile on their face, give some nice compliments and words of encouragement. When you do good, you not only cause things to work well for you, you also cause things to work well for your family and everyone connected to you.


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