Your past is only as powerful as you make it.

People need to understand that everyone makes mistakes. We all do. You see the greatest of us all are not the most perfect. One thing we should learn to do is to move on in life. It may be difficult, but we shouldn’t get impeded by the hurts and regrets of yesterday. Some months ago I met a girl in my university. On this day she looked so down and depressed. Feeling concerned, I walked up to her and started speaking to her. As our conversation went by, she started crying. She told me; ‘Joseph I feel so empty. I feel hurt and I cant take it anymore as a result I live on alcohol’. She said that she has trusted several guys in her previous relationships and they’ve all used and dumped her. The hurt of being constantly rejected stays on her mind. Well, I said to the girl, the same thing I am saying here; ‘MOVE ON!!!’.

‘If you don’t move on in life, you’ll move out of life’

We all face disappointments in life, but how do we react to these things when they happen? Do we just seat and sulk??? I’ve also been a victim of this too. Sometimes I became so attached by what’s happened previously. Here’s what I’ve learnt to do, I simply put my trust in God. If I lose something, maybe some relationship with someone, or some money, anything, rather than feeling cast down and let down, I remain upbeat and simply believe and say; ‘Something greater is coming my way’.

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