We are glad to announce our partnership deal with Ukraine’s best hosting service provider, HOSTiQ.

HOSTiQ for several years through their services have helped launched and hosted websites for several companies in Ukraine and around the world. Their multiple server base system helps to cater for the demands of their several clients and also, on ground for support and consultation is their 24-hour customer support team.

We are one of their clients and our site is powered by HOSTiQ. Also, they are one of our partners and investors for the Inspire Talk Show. They are a true company, one that provides great values and services to their customers and are currently offering several promotional offers for hosting and design templates for building your website, which could be of great interest if you want to create your website.

hostiqsite 300x240 - Partnership with top hosting company, HOSTiQ


Not only does HOSTiQ support businesses, they also support causes. They have donated several thousands to children and various charitable causes.

Screenshot 38 300x169 - Partnership with top hosting company, HOSTiQ

There is no better definition of a true company than HOSTiQ.

IMG 0274207 300x300 - Partnership with top hosting company, HOSTiQ

For more information contact at – http://www.hostiq.ua


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